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** French or designs are complimentary privileges in these packages **
Simple Pedicure (10 min. massages)
The simple cleaning for a quick touch-up - grooming the nails, taking care of the cuticles, and sea salt scrub for exfoliation. The touch-up is then ended with a soothing massage therapy before taking on the rest of the day's duties.
Royal Deluxe Pedicure (12 min. massages)
(include callus) A simple pedicure with callus removal and a hot stone massage to relax.
OPI Deluxe Pedicure (14 min. massages)
(include callus)
The relaxing experience of the Deluxe Pedicure is taken to a higher class with sea salt aromatherapy, sea salt scrub for exfoliation, cooling gel to relieve aches, a hot stone massage for muscle relaxation, a cooling mask to help draw out impurities, and paraffin wax. All that is needed is to feel fit for the crown.
Voesh Pedicure (16 min. massages) (Organic Pedicure)
100% paraben free. Lavender ocean breeze. This all-organic product is made for those with sensitive skin. There are no chemicals to cause skin irritation. This pedicure comes with a raw sugar scrub, mask, callus removal, hot stone massage, paraffin wax, and hot towel wrap.
Pearl Pedicure (18 min. massages) (Peach Scent)
Pearl powder is a beauty and health secret used for over 100 years in Asia. It contains 31% calcium and 56% protein as well as an assortment of amino acids that are believed to be good for bone development and promote healthy lustrous skin. Includes pearl soak cleanser, scrub, foot mask, callus removal, and hot stone massage.
Collagen Jelly Pedicure (20 min. massages) (Lavender Scent)
Collagen spa products are made of many key ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. It is made with collagen and vitamin E that is pre-filled into a patent pending dual-layered mask to provide deep penetration and moisturization into the skin. This system has individual spa sets that are disposable and sanitary for every service. This pedicure includes jelly soak, sea salt, sugar scrub, mask, paraffin wax, hot stone massage, callus removal, and hot towel wrap.
Nu Skin Pedicure (22 min. massages) (Organic Pedicure)
An all-natural pedicure for queens and kings with sensitive skin. An herbal mineral bath helps soften the skin and calm the body with its aromatherapy. The Liquid Body Luffa is used as an exfoliator that washes away any impurities and excess dirt. Legs are revived with Epoch Ice Dancer, a cooling gel that gives the skin a jolt of life, and a hot stone massage for relieving aches. This includes a skin treatment with the assistance of the Epoch Sole Solution Cream and Epoch Baobab Body Butter to hydrate dried skin, leaving skin feeling lusciously soft all day.


Whole Face
Side Burn
Bikini Wax
Half Leg
Whole Leg
Half Arm
Full Arm
Under Arm


Using individual lashes
Eyelash Fill
Party Lashes
Using multiple pairs
Eyebrow Tinting
Darkening the eyebrows with a special liquid for a more natural and elegant look.
Eyelash Tinting
Lining the eyelids with a special liquid that gives the illusion of fuller lashes.


Dipping Powder ($5 removal)
Ombre Dipping Powder ($5 removal)
Artificial Nails Full Set ($5 removal)
Artificial Nails Fill
Artificial Nails with White Tips
Artificial Nails Full Set with Shellac ($5 removal)
Artificial Nails Fill with Shellac
Shellac Manicure ($5 removal)
Shellac Only (toes or fingers)
Pink & White Full Set ($5 removal)
Pink & White Fill
Ombre Full Set ($5 removal)
Ombre Fill


Long Nails
Difficult Shapes


Simple Manicure
The simple manicure is just the daily scrub-a-dub for the royal who is in a hurry; trimming the nails, cutting the cuticles, a small massage, and polish of choice.
Deluxe Manicure
A simple manicure with a little more pampering. Papaya scrub and mask with a relaxing hot towel to soothe your muscles after a long day.


- For Princesses and Princes, 10 and under
(Even Queens and Kings need royal treatment)
- This lucky crowned-to-be is also gifted with complementary designs.
Princess Pedicure
Princess Manicure
Princess Pedicure & Manicure Combo


For Pedicure Add Ons - Shellac
For Simple Pedicure & Nails Add Ons - French Designs